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Diabetes mellitus a disease which has nearly affected 350 million people in the world, China ranks first in the world, having the highest diabetic patients of about 93.23 million people and India ranks 2nd in the world with 62.35 million people suffering with diabetes.


The survey says that India is expected to cross 100 million diabetic patients by the year 2030, whereas 44 lakh people are yet unaware about them being diabetic.
What is so bad about diabetes any way? Well diabetes is one of life diseases , one can never get rid of this once you are diabetic however you can try to control it, but it only worsens with your age and even cause several other problems.


Let us know what diabetes is exactly?

Well In simple words diabetes is a disease caused due to high blood sugar level cause of which the body is unable to produce or detect insulin levels of the big diabetes lie review.

There are three types of diabetes


  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes.

Max Sidorov claims that this life prolonged disease can be claimed that diabetes can be cured if one follow certain tips, so the incurable and life long disease is claimed to be cured in his book 7 steps to health which also includes “ the big diabetes lie “.
Many of us would want to know if this book is really working, can diabetes be really cured? How do get rid of such a disease which is cause of high blood sugar level, well Max claims it has a secret mentioned in his book.
According to him diabetes is a curable disease but the pharmaceutical companies do not allow people to know about it.
Max sidorov says that the doctors usually give drugs and medicines to cure any disease which doesn’t really help a person to cure the disease from its roots, he believes that a person should have a holistic approach and try to treat any disease naturally, by using some natural alternatives.

The first and the foremost important thing explained in the book by max sidorov is to have a strict diet and maintain their eating and try to eat as much as herbs they can, one should avoid sugar in their diet to the max of their abilities.
Fast food is the worst enemy of a person, he /she should not go for it cause this will lead to diabetes.
Max sidorov says that the foodstuff like white pasta, white floor and white bread should be strictly prohibited from our meals and we should switch to more of vegetables and stuff.

One should avoid eating meat and non veg items, it adds on to your diabetes and body cannot easily digest it.

The book further gives a brief detail about the healthy and the unhealthy diet, he even give a list of eatables that will help you to reduce your type2 diabetes and will help you to normalize it.


Diabetes is mainly cause the body cannot detect the insulin level because of excessive sugar intake and high blood sugar levels, so Max sidorov is giving you a secret household ingredient which will help you to double the insulin production in body.

He claims to have a research study on about 18 thousand people in Norway who were infected with diabetes and after following his plans they actually doubled their insulin level in the body, the number is too big to agree though.
The book also explains that how by following the book details you can reduce the chances of getting cancer and doing it without insulin, basically the book is to show health is wealth.

Does the book really work?

Well , the feedback of the book has some mixed responses on one hand where people find it running successfully on the other hand some people say that the Big diabetes lie is nothing but a scam, some are feeling the improvement but some say they just feel the same.
The book even offers you some bonus material which will be on other topics and will benefit you. This additional tips is all about how to stay healthy and fit, so you will get a good idea not only about diabetes but about staying healthy as both.
Max sidorov feels that health is wealth and one should only focus on this and set it as your life priority.


Price of the book

Well, let me tell you that this book was realized in the year 2013, ever since then the book is a ebook and you can download it from internet by just paying about 37 dollars but due to the excessive demand of it the book is now even in hard copy and it is available in all stores for about 57 dollars, the book is of 400 pages in total and I would suggest you to go for the hard copy to get a better experience of reading, but if you are use to reading ebooks than you can surely go the e book version and just get the book for about 37 dollars.


Well the big diabetes lie is a book by max sidorov it is an attempt from his side that people can ultimately clear the diabetes and get rid from it, the life long disease by just following some simple things and steps.

Diabetes will no longer be a problem and headache if you follow the material mentioned in the book, the urge to get rid of diabetes should be prior then any other disease not only because it is life long and worsens with age but also cause it results into many other chronic diseases which may cause trouble for you.

So one must surely give this book a try and try to heal themselves naturally instead of just blindly binding by the durgs and medications given to them by the doctor. Natural remedy is always a good option to go for and even works wonder!

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