How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes a common phenomena, every one person among five is affected by diabetes. China is the top most country have 93.23 diabetic patients and India ranks 2nd whereas in India there are about 44lakhs of people who are yet not aware of them being diabetic.

Diabetes Is considered to be a life long disease which cannot be cured but this is not the real case, where here in this article il guide you about how one can cure their this life long disease and stay healthy and fit. But before that let us know more about diabetes.


What is diabetes?

In simple words diabetes is an outcome of high blood sugar levels in the body which makes the body unable to detect the insulin levels of the body.

There are three types of diabetes

  1. Type 1 diabetes-  In this type of diabetes , the immune system attack the cells which produce insulin in the pancreas and this may lead to loss of ability of the body to produce insulin.
  2. Type 2 diabetes- it is a very common type of diabetes to be seen in the people and it is caused by high blood sugar in the body and the body then becomes insulin resistance.
  3. Gestational diabetes – it is a type of diabetes which a woman may get during her pregnancy and this may even lead to type 2 diabetes after pregnancy.

What are the things one should avoid in Diabetes?

Well diabetes is mainly caused due to high blood sugar so everyone should make sure that they do  not have any intake of artificial sugar in their body, artificial sugar is like sweets and chocolates this will only add on to their diabetes.

Natural sugars is allowed but that too in a required limit , things like wheat floor , sugarcane and some fruits have natural sugar in them.

Here is the list of things one should avoid eating if they are Diabetic

  1. Refined sugar – one should strictly avoid intake of soda, coke and fruit juice. These things have high level of glucose in them which is not good for diabetic people. Immediately after having these things the level of diabetes rises.
  2. Alcohol – A big no to all the diabetic people is alcohol one should make sure they quit on this habit of theirs when they are diabetic. It is very harmful for their body, it increases blood sugar levels and even adds on to the intoxicate levels of the body,.
  3. Grains – food grains have a good amount of gluten which is not good for the diabetic patients it adds on to the blood sugar level and increases the diabetes of the person, food grains like wheat and rice have high level of gluten in them, so it is highly advisable for the diabetic patients to avoid these food grains to the maximum they can.

You have to just avoid these grains for first 90 days of the program and then start seeing the affect on the body.

Moving on to the food grains that helps you to treat your diabetes and help you to get rid of it just by their intake, wow so you have to absolutely do nothing but eat them time and time again to control your diabetes.

  1. High fibrous food stuff – one of  the most effective way to reduce and lose your diabetes is intake of high fibrous food stuff  one should try to add fibrous stuff to their at least one meal of the day, it not only increases the insulin level of the body but also helps you to digest the food quickly, this may include fruits like oranges, apples, tomatoes and even vegetables. It is very beneficial for all the diabetic patients out there.
  2. Food stuffs which have high chromium– now many are not aware of this but food stuff which has high level of chromium is very useful and works in the favor of diabetic patients and it even balances out the level of sugar naturally in the body.

Food stuffs like raw cheese, broccoli and green beans have good amount of chromium present in them , but broccoli has the highest amount of chromium present and it is highly recommended to all the diabetic patients.

  1. MCFA– MCFA also known as medium chain fatty acids which is largely found in coconut and palm oil is very beneficial for the diabetes patients, they help you to balance the level of sugar in the body and help the body to detect the insulin level.
  2. Fresh fish – although the doctors ask the patients to avoid the intake of meat, fresh fish is yet recommendable to the diabetic people as it contains omega 3 fats and this enable to reduce the negative impact of the elevated blood glucose.
  3. Food which have low glycemic load  food which has less amount of sugar in them are food with low glycemic load they include vegetables, nuts, eggs, coconut, fish and broccoli.

Adding spices like turmeric to them  may even help you to control the blood sugar level in the body.

Moving on to the supplements one should take if they have diabetes.

  1. Chromium Picolinate.
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Fish oil
  4. Apha lipoic acid.
  5. Fibre powder.

Well this is all about how one can make attempts and try to cure and get rid of diabetes and one should make sure they always make attempts to reverse this threatening disease, it may not sound dangerous but surely do have dying effects on people.

Diabetes is a life long disease which can be cured if you take a step towards your life right now by following these above mentioned steps.

Diabetes is one of the diseases which may lead you to many other if not controlled.

I hope the above mentioned tips help you to cure your diabetes and you surely get rid of it soon by following them regularly as it is a must for your health.

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